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Monday, 18.02.2019

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The Klocke Publishing Company was founded in 1984 by Thomas and Martina Klocke. The company's first regional publications of "Ostwestfalen A  la carte", "Cologne A  la carte", "Düsseldorf A  la carte" and "Munich A  la carte" paved the way in 1994 for A LA CARTE, a monthly magazine published across Germany. Drawing on high-quality colour photographs, exceptionally high product quality and effective targeted advertising, the magazine was soon able to establish itself as a premier magazine and is one of Germany's leading gastronomy publications today.

HIDEAWAYS travel magazine was launched in 1996 - showcasing the World's most beautiful Hotels and Destinations. The idea behind the magazine was to put the editorial emphasis on the exceptional character of the hotels themselves rather than on the destination. Indeed, this represented an entirely new format for a travel magazine and was one of the first bilingual travel publications, appearing in German and English. To this end, then, HIDEAWAYS has been providing its readers flying FIRST CLASS with Lufthansa with a great deal of reading pleasure since the very first edition was launched. Its first-class photos, which are produced exclusively for HIDEAWAYS by its own photo designers, underline the magazine's intentions to be one of the world's best and most exclusive luxury travel magazines.

With a number of special editions covering wellness and golf hotels, beautiful suites, a Russian-language edition and an English-only magazine, HIDEAWAYS has established itself as a global player with an annual circulation of almost 500,000.

Inspired by the private purchase and restoration of an old farm, COUNTRY STYLE lifestyle magazine was launched in 1997. On a quarterly basis, it sets out to provide an insight into some of the most beautiful county houses in Germany, Tuscany, the Provence and Majorca. Here, too, almost all the magazine's articles are produced exclusively for COUNTRY STYLE by the company itself.

The company launched its internet project in 2000. Its innovative website has been designed to prove Klocke's publishing credentials to a worldwide audience. With its easy-to-remember address and distinguished as one of the best online wellness sources, the website provides detailed information in German and English about more than 150 of the world's best spa and wellness hotels, featuring first-class photos, some of which have 360° panoramic views. attracts more than 50,000 visitors every month and, thanks to its own enquiry and reservation features, has developed into an extremely effective booking system for most of the hotels.

Klocke's second website,, has been online since 2001. sets out to present hotels and restaurants from across the world in great detail over several pages. Whether you're looking for a first-class hotel in New York, in Tuscany or in Majorca, or whether you would like to reserve a table in an out-of-the-ordinary restaurant, has over 600 recommendations for you to choose from. Over 80,000 people visit the website every month for tips and information.

With the economic slowdown worsening during 2002, Thomas and Martina Klocke decided to launch a new niche product showcasing the ultimate in luxury - the new magazine was called HIGH LIFE - International Lifestyle for Men. The editorial emphasis was put on creating articles for men with very discerning tastes, covering subjects such as luxury sports cars, boats and yachts, fine watches, sophisticated fashion, well-being and health advice, as well as stock market and financial tips. Indeed, this policy has proven successful and the magazine has become essential reading for connoisseurs.

Work in Klocke's new building began in 2002. A total of 24 permanent members of staff and 8 freelances work in a modern environment on achieving the company's goal of producing the most exclusive premium magazine for discerning readers.

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